A Mothers Prayer to uplift herself and her Family during COVID Crisis.

During the COVID 19 shelter in place mothers have had to answer the call to be closer than ever to their family. These times have for many of us can draw us close to testing our faith as mothers.

As a mother, the well being and care for the ones closest to us can be stressful times. Many would say that our relief may just be a prayer away. So we've come up with a simple prayer in hopes that we can help you make it through the days ahead during the mandatory stay at home situation.

Abba, King, Creator, Sustainer, Provider, and Deliverer. I am speaking to you now. I know who you are and whose I am. I am your daughter. I am your servant. I thank you, God, for keeping me in your loving arms. I thank you for the basics that many may take for granted....my loose change...my refrigerator...the brakes on my car...my running water....my sanity...my limbs that move....my ears that hear... my eyes that see...... Lord God ThankYou!

Lord God, I ask Your forgiveness today for the moments I have lost my patience in the past and to come in the future. Grow me in wisdom to be mindful of my words. Convict me to serve others and put my, if any, selfish pursuits and agendas aside. You have forgiven me, so I too can extend forgiveness to others every day.

I trust in you and lean on you. I thank you for your mercy and provision for me and my family. I come to you again and ask that your will be done in this situation we are currently facing. Guard my mind and my heart and keep me focused on your will and your way. Watch over my children, my parents and all of my sister girls. Keep them from dangers seen and unseen. Build their confidence and trust in you. I pray that everywhere they go they will provide light and sight of hope. They will elevate the worship temperature and change the scope of every room they enter in Jesus' Name. Men and Women will see their growth and run to You thy God.

No matter what comes my way, I will look to you from which cometh my help. Your strength is made perfect in my weakness.

You are my ever-present help, salvation, redeemer and my protector and comfort. I know most of all that you will never leave me alone. ever.

You are the chief cornerstone, you are my rock. my fortress. in YOU alone I will trust. YOU alone will I give Glory and praise.

Today I praise You for life. I exalt you for grace. Bless this space I share with the people you’ve placed around me. Father, you always forgive me, and never love me less regardless of my misguided way. Help me to embrace that mentality when I walk through the doors to my home, church, office daily. As Colossians 3:13 reminds, help me to“bear with each other and forgive one another.” In Jesus Name

Families share four walls that witness to each in a way the rest of the world does not. Create a safe haven for me and my family at home, Father. Ignite in us the ability to embrace and encourage each other, flaws and good qualities alike. May we recognize each other’s strengths more than we are bothered by weaknesses. In the name of Jesus. Thank you for giving me a support system, and a small army to pursue Your righteousness. Bless my home to be a welcoming example of Your love. Bless all who walk through my doors, and me as I exit them and walk out into the world each day. May the love I absorb at home be enough to embolden and sustain me as I walk throughout days in ministry work, and through the pursuit of my passions and hobbies. Help me to be outward-facing, noticing those You place in my path and looking for ways to love them. In Jesus Name I pray this prayer also for every single individual in my home and those I have come in influence to. In Jesus Name. Keep my home safe. Protect it from intruders and invaders who wish harm upon us. Bless our home with Your presence, Lord Jesus. Guard our home against the evil that plots to derail and confuse us. Give us the discernment to see and recognize attacks for what they are, and the strength of faith to turn from temptation when it rears its ugly head. Keep us pure in mind, body and spirit, Father. Let our home be a welcome refuge of peace for all who visit. Thank you again, God, for wrapping your loving arms around me and my family. Hold me tight God. I need you! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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