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Support Our Kids Network  Channel and
Broadcaster Grant Program
by supporting our
Lifetime Sponsors below

Your support provides discounted airtime for individuals that have a transformative, educational, and/or inspirational MESSAGE for the world but their budget doesn't allow it at the moment.
OUR IWWTVN Lifetime Sponsors support our Grant initiative by donating funds to our network GRANT program for our TV guests, viewers and supporters that donate a small amount of their time to listen to AND request information OR maybe even purchase their product or service. 

        HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT US?    Easy as 1-2-3-4

 Our ImPowered Woman Worldwide TV Network Sponsors  would like for you to do the following in order to support our network:

  1. VIEW list of Sponsor Ad Videos Below.

  2.  WATCH the 30-second Ads Below That you are Interested in Learning More About Their Products and Services. Minimum or 2 must have a full call completed in order to complete interview booking                 (no obligation to purchase)

  3. CALL the number listed on the video ad and discuss product or service with agent.  If interested ,make purchase ; If not, simply request additional information be sent to your email

  4.  Complete the Form Below (under Sponsor Ads)  After You've Watched and Called Our Lifetime Sponsor Ads to Seal the Sponsorship Support.                                                          **Please note if you don't call the sponsors and participate in a discussion the sponsor will not count it as sponsored.

SPONSOR AD campaign completion form

More of Our Lifetime  Sponsors

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