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Evangelist Dr. Evelyn Denise Barrett-Abraham


Founder/CEO ImPowered Global Collaborative LLC /Pastor ImPowered Global Ministries/Evangelist/ Co-Pastor ImPowered.Church/Wife/ Mother/ Domestic Violence & Rape Survivor Advocate/ Host/ Authoress/ Publicist/Public Figure/ Actress/ Transformational Public Speaker/ Broadcast Specialist ImPowered Woman TV/Co-Pastor ImPowered.Church/Training and Development Director  PTWWNTV/Personal and Social Skills Coach/Leadership Mentor/Confidence Coach. She mentors women/men/girls/boys all around the globe. Her mentor program creates and fosters an environment that develops social and leaderships skills regardless of culture, language, religion, race, age, political stance, economic statue, past or present successes or failures, etc. 


God has manifested many gifts in Dr. Barrett-Abraham and she uses each one of them to IGNITE EVERONE'S LIGHT FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE COMMUNITY OF SERVING OTHERS. She believes whole-heartedly that we are STRONGER TOGETHER!

Denise grew up in Southeast Atlanta, GA alongside her sister Ya-Ya.

Denise realized at this early age that she had a purpose in life and it was being pulled from the trials and tribulations that she has endured and survived.  Glory to God.   Failure was not an option. Grandma was physically sick but spiritually healthy and taught Denise how to pray and meditate which would prepare her for many stumbling blocks. 

This credulous journey, still being traveled, happened within the last 39 years and included experienced family violence, homelessness, drug abuse, suicide attempts, rape and family rape. This story is just Part 1 of her journey of God’s Grace and Mercy. She provides this gripping journey in detail in her latest book, "Unapologetically Me, Powered for His Purpose." 

Over 10 years ago,  A New Evolution of Women Incorporated. was organized as a formal initiative in order to help meet the supportive needs of a starving  family, a starving community, and a starving world. It was a collaboration of many other strong women that brought the vision to reality.  Our world is starving, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially as it relates to drug abuse and the single women with children sector.

She believed that God was steadily building her character and building her testimony  so that she could fulfill the purpose that He had for her life.  He had brought her a long long way and she could not lose sight of that. Because of Him she was able to get up and get out yet again. Many women that she came in contact with over the years always told her how blessed they were by her sincerity, love towards them and her listening ear.  His Word allowed her to realize that she had a family that depended on her and that she was placed here and allowed to experience these trials and tribulations for a reason, to endure, to tell the story and to help others through. After all that she had been through she was still standing! Some didn’t make it through. At that very moment,  June 2019, she realized that she was not alone and that many others face the same if not more complicated challenges but don't have a praying family nor do they have friends to talk to or support from the outside. They need help. They need hope.  Soon after that she began to close out the 3 year journey of completing her book. She told me many times, "They need to know that they can pull through anything. "Trouble don't last always and we were  made to endure."

God called Denise to spin into a broader calling of empowering women by way of organizing ImPowered Global, LLC. company to include ImPowered WomanTV,  ImPowered Global Ministries, ImPowered.Church, ImPowered ButterFly Program (Young Ladies Leadership Initiative), ImPowered Media Marketing Group, and 100 ImPowered Women Convention. She serves actively on all of the above ministries and speaks to women abroad via teleconference, conferences and  organically face to face. 

This calling gave her a renewed purpose in life. She accepted the calling to plant in all that she comes in contact with. Planting seeds of love, kindness, support, and empowerment of the purpose and gifts God has given to each of them.  Her heart beats day and night thinking of ways to support others spiritually, emotionally and in many cases financially. She wants everyone within her reach to get assistance and resources they need to be their BEST SELF.

When she works with families in need of assistance and overwhelming amount of joy and energy comes over her. Taking what God has given her and giving it back to a starving community. The experience that bring strangers together for the common purpose of philanthropy is incredibly gratifying. She is a believer in the human spirit and the power that comes from her faith in God.

She has been blessed with a mother that inspired her to dream and dared her to live it. Giving sets her free because it comes from her heart. It also is an endless source of motivation to achieve. It's truly who she is. Anyone who meets her is changed forever because of her unapologetic love and compassion for others.  Giving to the less fortunate makes her and her God pleased.

Again, This journey described above, still being traveled, happened within the last 33 years and didn’t include the experienced family violence, homelessness, drug abuse, suicide attempts, rape and family rape.

Today, Evangelist Denise Barrett-Abraham is married to Prophet Olamilekan Abraham and is a full-time Christian transformational  public speaker and TV Network CEO.

She was force retired from  Account Management at Global Fortune 500 Company where she has held her employment in that industry for over 19 years.  She has a 32 year old daughter, a 25 year old son, a 20 year old daughter, 10 year old daughter, 7 year old son, 5 year old daughter,  and a 16 year old godson.  .

Denise mentors hundreds of girls and women that range in ages from 9 to 37. She is NOT Anti-Male. She is PRO-Woman. She firmly believes that a stronger more well rounded woman positions her family for excellence in Kingdom Advancement.


She is an Evangelist,  a mother,  Authoress (book titled "Unapologetically ME, Powered for His Purpose") , transformational speaker, and a sister-friend to women and young ladies around the world. 

She loves her staff and WE love her! 

As she looks back over her life she praises HIM and sees that God was guiding every footstep, carrying her over and through every one of her trials and tribulations and comforting her in between.  All the areas He did not resolve He fixed her in the process. He made the grave behave, death sit down, enemies her footstool, and sickness into healing. She has personally been through family domestic violence, partner domestic violence, external rape, internal (family) rape, drug addiction, suicide attempts, and abandonment and she overcame it all by His Grace and Mercy to be a successful productive example in the community and in in this world. She has and continues to inspire and uplift women all over the globe in an organic way.  For all intent she should be dead or a deadbeat but all the Glory goes to God where He provided, He delivered, He healed, He redeemed, He comforted and He loves. 

Denise’s affirmation is “ I am Queen, Watch me Reign in HIM. Unapologetically Me”. Amen

Evangelist Denise Barrett-Abraham is a  Kingdom Builder and a seeker of truth.  She seeks to empower everyone she comes in contact with.  A Power Driver....Unapologetically.  She inspires millions via  field evangelism, mentorship, her social media presence and TV show which airs weekly on Mondays at 6:30pm.  She frequents women and children's shelters,  children hospitals, convalescent homes,  hospice, rehabilitation centers  and  homeless areas of every city she visits sharing the gospel and the love of God. by being a servant leader.  

What an Amazing Woman of God

Member of Speakers Network 

2020-2021 Most Inspirational Talk Show~ PTWWNTV

Humanitarian Award received February 2020

2021 Awarded Gulf Coast Music Awards~ Kingdom Influencer ~TV Personality of the YEAR 

2021 Awarded Beacon of Hope and Goodwill ~ The Musketeer Association

2022 Article:


Regards, Jake "Seven" Powell, Business Resource President of Media/Director IWWTVN TEXAS 

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