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Support the Butterfly Leadership Initiative.  It's a young girls and ladies leadership mentor program that creates and sustains social skills health.
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Purchase a Product from our South African Collection and a portion of the profits will go towards the Adopt a Granny Program and Butterfly Leadership Mentor Program.

Unapologetically Me ~

Powered for His Purpose 

A Dynamic Speaker for All Events

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@ImPowered Global Ministries/Global Collaborative of 100 ImPowered Women/ImPowered Woman TV~ 

our mission is to create and foster environments of full engagement that help encourage, build and empower women, young adult ladies and girls to be EXCELLENT in their God-given purpose regardless of the hurdles, ethnic background or generational successes or failures.  Our forums foster spiritual , emotional and social awareness that in turn build unity, community, knowledge, and self-confidence  which are essential as it relates to wise application of social, environmental, economic and life skill success. We also promote social justice.


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“ Yes! I am a Queen, Watch HIM Reign in Me.

Unapologetically Me”

Evangelist Dr. Denise Barrett