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Support the Butterfly Leadership Initiative.  It's a young girls and ladies leadership mentor program that creates and sustains social wealth.
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Purchase a Product from our South African Collection and a portion of the profits will go towards the Adopt a Granny Program.

Unapologetically Me ~

Powered for His Purpose 

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At ImPowered  Global our mission is to create and foster environments of full engagement that help encourage, build and empower women, young adult ladies and girls to be EXCELLENT in everything that they choose to accomplish in life regardless of the hurdles, ethnic background or generational successes or failures.  Our forums foster spiritual , emotional and social awareness that in turn build unity, community, knowledge, and self-confidence  which are essential as it relates to wise application of social, environmental, economic and life skill success. We also promote social justice.

#ImPowered #IMPOWER#AppliedKnowledgeequalsWisdom#Unapologeticallyme.

“ I am Queen, Watch me Reign in HIM. Unapologetically Me”

Evangelist Dr. Denise Barrett

Time for a Change

Changing your mindset is no easy task, but having an open and positive mindset is a game changer. Your personal growth is what propels...

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