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We thank you for taking the next step to being a  guest on our worldwide
TV network.

Please watch 30-second video AND call
3 of the VIDEO advertisements that you or a family member
MAY be interested in.
After you CALL the toll-free number of each ad,
please complete the form below. 

Supporting our advertisers make it possible for us to continue producing and broadcasting TV Shows on our network when interviewing special guests like yourself.

  Your participation is very important. 

You are under NO obligation to purchase or enroll unless you choose to.

Please watch 3 of the the video ads below AND call the toll-free number associated on the ad and listen to the agents brief presentation

Call the 800# OR 844#  on at least 3 of the  advertisements and listen to the no-obligation presentations.

IMPORTANT - Please confirm and verify you made the calls

by completing the

form below.

After you have called at least 3 ads of your choice, please complete the form below

More of Our Lifetime  Sponsors

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