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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

QuarantineME~Let's take this opportunity by storm. I know it sounds like I'm crazy but hear me out. Don't stress just strategize. Consider this....plan your next 48 hours to include some of the following:

1. TURN UP your Exercise at home. TURN ON SOME HIGH STEPPIN MUSIC. Take advantage of the steps in your home. Walk up and down the first step both forward and backward. Don't forget to hold in your abs and drink lots of room temperature water.

2. Journal Journal Journal more Journal until you have 100 pages. Now you are ready to publish a book. Journal 2 times a day. How are you feeling? What's the weather? What's next? Life lessons. Daily Affirmation? A Prayer.

3. Money Madness. Plan how you will invest your stimulus relief. I, personally, will take $200 and invest in a business. YES!


So much to do...So little space.

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