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I pledge to do my part. Can you join me in this pledge today?

The new "real" that we’re coping in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The question is how to really make a difference. The most frightening and frustrating part of this reality is that we’re being urged by lawmakers to remain inside our homes and practice social distancing contact with others, including those we love. The mandate isn’t in vain: Staying home is the single most important thing we can do to slow the spread of the coronavirus and to protect those in our communities who are most vulnerable to it.

An exception to this rule is, of course, health workers, emergency response personnel, grocery store employees, pharmacists, and others whose essential jobs we depend on. They must go out to perform lifesaving duties, and for that, we should all be grateful.

I spoke to my dear friend, Thandeka, in Johannesburg, South Africa and she informed me that she is in 24/7 lockdown. Their population topples 4.4 million and they currently have 25 Corona Virus related deaths compared to the state of Georgia's (my home state in the U.S.) population of 498,044 and 700 Corona Virus related deaths.

She went on to express grave concern about the homeless and their lack of food, close, and other necessary essentials.

This discussion provided the reality that this virus is real real real in the United States. Had we taken a more aggressive approach just maybe we'd have our death toll at a lower rate. Infection and mortality rates are severely alarming in Georgia.

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