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Transformational Public  Speaker
Business Social Skills Coach

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Evangelism & Advocacy

Butterfly Leadership Initiative

She EMPOWERS GLOBALLY.  As a well-respected business partner, host, public figure, publicist and author, Denise blends deep, real-life experience with a magnetic stage presence to help people and organizations thrive and realize the power they harness within that aids in leveling up to their fullest potential personally, professionally and socially. Available for conferences as a Key Note Speaker. Order her book today!

She is unapologetic of her Love for Christ, Confident Feminism and boldly shares her testimony that involves many miracles encountered during her life’s journey. She empowers men, women, teens and adolescents abroad to power their purpose on this journey of Kingdom building. AVAILABLE for Preaching, Mentoring, Women's Day Events and  Prayer Breakfast Keynotes..  Evangelist Dr. Denise is actively involved in serving women and girls ministry.  She is an avid  participant and leader of socioeconomic awareness in her community and globally. As a survivor of rape and domestic violence Denise serves faithfully in  and out of shelters creating and fostering the movement of breaking the silence of violence thus creating awareness and prevention initiatives year round. #pulpittoo #impoweryourpower #impoweredwoman

Inspiring and actionable seminars and workshops customized for girls ages 4-18. Butterfly series for girls ages 10-12. All seminars guaranteed to increase confidence in oneself. AVAILABLE as Keynote speaker for graduations and sports teams award ceremonies. Leadership program open enrollment May-June each year.

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