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At ImPowered Global Ministries/Global Collaborative of 100 ImPowered Women/ImPowered Woman TV~ our mission is to create and foster environments of full engagement that help encourage, build and empower women, young adult ladies and girls to be EXCELLENT their God-given purpose regardless of the hurdles, ethnic background or generational successes or failures. 

Our forums foster spiritual , emotional and social awareness that in turn build unity, community, knowledge, and self-confidence, which are essential as it relates to wise application of social, environmental, economic and life skill success. We also promote social justice.

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Please read more about our COO/Founder, Evangelist Dr. Denise Barrett-Abraham, in the About the Founder Section as she has spent over 25 years empowering women to be GREAT in all they are called to accomplish in life and to network with other powerful women in an effort to become stronger and wiser together.

 She is a survivor of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence and an advocate for awareness of these heinous acts in the fight to prevent the spread. She hosts an Annual All White Masquerade as a fundraiser for successful follow-through of  her projects used in the fight against Sexual Assault Crimes every April-May. 

Purchase her Autobiography "Unapologetically Me" in the SHOP tab above.


Evangelist Dr. Denise Barrett hosts an annual Global Collaborative of 100 ImPowered Women's Award Gala to recognize ImPowered Women around the world. She creates and fosters opportunities for ImPowered women to give back to the community through her Butterfly Leadership Initiative (Mentor Program). Check out the tab above for more information on how you can Volunteer, Join, or Donate. 

Evangelist Dr. Denise Barrett-Abraham and her team of leaders and butterfly leaders conduct workshops and seminars to include the instruction of life and social skills, public speaking, how to publish a book, how to open a small business, social and professional etiquette, sales, marketing 101, networking and more.


As an accomplished professional, Dr. Barrett-Abraham provides performance-based individual mentoring/coaching as well as business corporate and ministry training necessary to achieve the desired purpose. Click BOOK Now to request more information. Learn more about Dr. Barrett-Abraham by clicking on the link below.

    Check out her TV Broadcast "ImPowered Woman, The Courage to Stand"

 on  Mondays 6:30pm eastern

I believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

~Evangelist Dr. Denise Barrett-Abraham

Our Mission


Our mission is to cultivate and sustain a collaborative network of ImPowered Women that will provide supportive resources to aide girls, ladies and women locally, nationally and globally in identifying and fulfilling their God-given purpose to serve society in the fight to eradicate poverty, care for their families, and strengthen their communities. We believe women are the heartbeat of America and if we come together as a consistently growing unit, we are simply Stronger Together in this fight to BEtheMOVEMENTweWANTtoSEE.

We envision a world with sustainable female-owned businesses and non-profit organizations collaborating to strengthen our communities with commerce, food, skill, and safety. 

We envision a world without poverty in which women are "impowered", uplifted and equal partners in society globally.

We envision a world where girls, ladies and women live in safe, sustainable environments that include adequate food, water, housing, safety (from abuse), education and health care.

They possess the tools to provide a better life for themselves and their families and they have the hope, opportunity and ability to control their lives and futures.

Our Mission
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100 ImPowered Women 

An ImPowered Woman is  courageous, impactful, inspirational and influential women leaders with the COURAGE to STAND in the midst of uncertainty and crisis to empower others worldwide. The Global Collaborative of 100 ImPowered Women Awardees are women who reflect Courage, Community, Christ for all ages in the midst of an ever changing world.  They have withstood the struggle on their journey and through it all  impacted so many lives in a special way. WE celebrate their journey!

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