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Our coaches are skilled with more than 25 years of experience helping adults learn and grow professional emotional intelligence skills needed to perform their duties essential for company growth. 

Source of ImPowerment’s purpose is to touch the “whole-self” through “whole-family” “whole of the community”  so that the employee feels a sense of worth thus performing at a higher capacity of productivity.   


This in turn will reduce turnover and boost employee morale from a truly organic approach. 

Employees have proven to have a “I want to “attitude versus “I have to”.  


Statistics show that employees spend on average 55% of their life performing work-related responsibilities (includes commute) and 45% family-life responsibilities. We are here so that they see the value in working with your organization by addressing their “whole-self”. We will support your employee’s overall well-being so that the 58% compliments and compensates the 42%. 

Their performance is directly related to the value placed on the employer to employee versus how much they are being paid monetarily. 

Our employee POWER DRIVE coaching program has a wide variety of
proven benefits to the business owner.

Crossing the Finish Line

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